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Saturday 2 December 2023

Making creatures

I've reached the stage of tackling the right hand side. I'm aiming to fill a lot of space with flowers and colourful creatures - a celebration of life. 


Tuesday 21 November 2023

Cross Stitch

I'm beginning the next Momento Mori which will be called Cross Stitch. It will accompany Chain Stitch and bith are inspired by the Museums samplers.

This image is the beginnings of the stitched and painted portrait which will feature words yet to be made up!! 

Friday 17 November 2023

The Windrush Series so far!

Benjamin Zephaniah and George Saunders to go, but here's the 3 local quilts that I've managed so far.


Sunday 12 November 2023


I've chosen a dark golden thread for the background, but wish I'd chosen darker either a black or a turquoise. I'm not going to unpick btw - I might knock the background back a bit when I've finished. I'd like the text to be a bit less visible. There's a little more on the Threads of Memory blog here.

Jeff Brown - You Try To Do Your Best"

Monday 6 November 2023

Jeff's arm


I'm back to working on Jeff's quilt, and have been busy doing the veining on his arms. As with most things I do, it's trial and error and I put this down to having no art training. Was it Oscar Wilde who said experience is simply the name we give our mistakes? I find painting and making quilts a great challenge because of the near constant problem solving.

This is the table next to Jeff stacked with applique. Very fiddly doing all those knobs! More to do. 

I  am also thinking about the Life is Hard and Then You Die sub title of "Chain Stitch". Bit flipping gloomy don't you think? I need to cheer it up a bit and am thinking about "Life, Death, and Everything Inbetween". I think it's the title of a book, or a quote from somewhere that's nudged itself to the surface. Momento Mori means remember you should die, so is a gloomy subject anyway, but there are limits! 

I have also thought of a 3rd piece to do which involves a self portrait and the samplers at the museum.

Monday 16 October 2023

Process on top

 For this tee shirt I've decided to paint first and stitch afterwards. It's important to keep the paint as transparent as I can which I found hard using black. The colour of the cloth showed up as highlights and lights which I didn't like.

The stitch will need a bit of thought to keep it discreet but at the same time heavyish.