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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Small quilt experiment

I'm starting by looking at my sketchbooks to find something I'd like to explore in stitch.  Here's 2 pages that I love:

The idea is to reproduce one of the images on cloth.  

Because I used Lazertron to transfer my image onto the cotton fabric this initial experiment is a failure of process - it simply flaked away when stitching, despite heavy paint on top and bondaweb underneath. Back in a few days when I've tracked down a suitable print shop. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


 I'm having a few blogger related problems to do with transferring a domain name. My apologies for any inconvenience. Perhaps you could leave me a comment if you're having problems too so that I can pinpoint the problem? Many thanks!

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Sale page and having a break from life quilts.

 I'm leaving the Life Quilts behind for a while at least as I want to explore other ideas and produce something more ....popular? ....saleable?....no, just different! There are 2 remaining Life Quilts which are now for sale here. They are the last I made and the most complex.

When the creative urge strikes, I don't always want to sit down and create something monumental and finished, so I use sketchbooks to fill a couple of hours with ideas and processes, trying out all sorts from printing, sketching, painting, collage etc.

It might be an idea to use these unresolved pieces into something more substantial. I recently sold a quilt in aid of a bowel cancer charity, and used a sketchbook page to recreate a finished piece.

Sketchbook page

Quilt details - reverse applique, applique, heavy free machining, paint.

A little abstract expressionism makes it way into a quilt!

My thanks to Laura Kemshall for the idea!




Of course having said that, bits and bobs crop up from time to time, like the #MeToo campaign. This was made in the last 6 months, and is a fabric collage of various newspaper articles, social media posts, and information about some of the people involved.


I've also experimented with collage too in a different way by building up a surface with paint, paper, tape - all sorts - and then painting into it with posca pens, and of course lots of free machining. It's Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Although I liked the process the finished effect isn't "smooth" enough for me and to add further stitch, would mean losing all the original shapes etc I made in stitch.

I added little Lowry-esque figures to give it a little colour. 


The above quilt idea, also has its basis in a sketchbook - one of collage buildings.