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Helen Cobby – Art critic and curator

Quote from Quilt to Last

“Text is also a fundamental theme in Annabel Rainbow’s three quilts (each roughly 150 x 110cm), through which she explores what it means to be a modern woman pulled in different directions by pressures of motherhood, domesticity and academic success. Her triptych sequence is broken into three poignant but satiric titles, Be the Change You Want, Switching Off, and “Hello Dear. What Did You Do Today?”, which maps the roles available to the modern woman. The feelings that the artist believes these options evoke within a woman are then ‘blistered’ and ingrained onto the skin of the female figures central within each panel’s composition. This dramatic and thought provoking reaction to some of the pressures women face is heightened by the highly detailed domesticity depicted within each scene and the thick dark frames that simultaneously close off and link each section of the triptych together. Due to this, the feeling of claustrophobia and containment is lucidly conveyed beneath what initially appears to be a comfortable domestic interior.


Exhibition at Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum