Grainline Studios – Scout Tee

Grainline Studios, Scout Tee in printed cotton

This T shirt is for woven material eg cottons, silk, lawn voile, wool crepe etc. It gives “beginner” for the difficulty level, and it was easy to put together – there was a front piece (cut on the fold) a back piece (also cut on the fold) sleeve (cut 2) and a single piece of binding for the neck (cut on the cross grain of the fabric so it stretches a bit when fitting to the curved neckline).

I needed 1.5 metres of fabric for a size 12 and it fits well. I’m not too happy with the sleeves though. There’s nothing wrong with them from a making point of view, but I prefer to have a slightly longer short sleeve, and because the fabric is woven and not stretchy, it sticks out slightly. A shaped sleeve would be better and I’ll see what I can do for future makes – I will be making it again as it was so easy!

The instructions were in a small leaflet inside the packet and are very full and well written with plenty of illustrations. The neck binding worked well if a little fiddly as we went down to 1/4 inch seams, trimmed to 1/8 inch on the neck binding. This then had to be clipped and understitched. The finish was good though.

The pattern is printed on white tissue with blue lines and I will be able to use several times before I need to copy onto sturdier paper.

It took about 3 hours to make.

Grainline Studios, Scout Tee in printed cotton