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Lino cutting

UK Artist and blogger. Known  mostly for the Life Story series of large art quilts, but trying all sorts of creative techniques to keep the soul happy!

I also paint portraits, and I enjoy print in it’s various forms. You can read more here on the general blog, A Slightly Artistic Woman (I tried for a long time to think of a description of me, and that’s the best I could come up with!). Posts on the blog are collated into how-to’s and inspirations – everything from gelli printing to baking, sketching and painting, dressmaking to looking at the work of other artists.

Quilts: Although I thought the Life Story series had ended, there are a couple of unfinished quilts, and a lot of new ideas brewing and I’m happy to say that I’m back at the sewing machine at long last. The missing two quilts that I’m working on now are, The Fragility of Self Worth, and The Last Vision. Most of my other quilts have sold and are held in galleries or in private ownership around the world.

Why Quilts and not paintings? Quilts allow me to add meaning to my work by stitching words or stories onto the cloth imagery – something I can’t do with a painting.  All of them have been designed for a gallery space, are large, and have been constructed in similar ways. I start with white cloth which is wadded for weight to help the hanging process, and also to add loft making texture when machined. I add cloth applique, building my story with tiny pieces of fabric stitched into place with words or pattern,  before finishing off with a little acrylic paint for extra definition. You can see them all here.

They can be taken at face value – a “life” drawing/painting, or you can delve further and discover the stories written on the bodies by me using free machine embroidery. They are perfectly readable but not obvious as I’ve painted over them, and you have to look to find that extra layer of meaning.  The objects and groupings in each quilt, surrounding the subject, also have their own narrative and are tied closely to the story.

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A few more images from The Slightly Artistic Woman blog.