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Sunday 11 June 2023

 OK, so there's 5 pieces in the pipeline.



"Spread the love, show compassion, and wherever you are, don’t trust your government.


Benjamin Zephaniah" 


Chain Stitch

Tempus Fugit

Windrush portraits on cloth



Saturday 3 June 2023

I've spent a day gazing at this piece and although there's heaps of good work in it, the themes feel stale. I've cut it up and hung the pieces in different places, but no, I'm not happy, so I've consigned to the bin. Moving on!! 


Well it's together!

The 2 halves of this took some time to join together. 

Historically, it took so much work to get this far yet I can't even remember it's working title!! It's 2.5 metres wide and 1.65 long. Perhaps I should have left it in its bin bag!! Maybe I should call it "struggles"!