The Random Ideas of Thinking Out Loud – experimental textile piece

The Quilt as a Canvas, #4 – The Random Ideas of Thinking Out Loud

I have for several months been making collages/mixed media images in my sketchbook. Here’s a few examples.

I wanted to see if these paper techniques could transfer to fabric. The answer is no, not directly!¬† It’s a different language and you are limited by what can be achieved on a normal domestic machine. The layers you make with a paper collage using gesso and gels for example can be almost impossible to stitch through.

Here’s some images of my process. It is experimental (a first go) but was enjoyable to do. Meaning can be worked in at any stage to make a piece unique and it will be something I shall be working towards.

The title? I used my intuition and just put down whatever I wanted wherever I wanted with no reference to a plan. If an idea came to me and I liked it, I found space for it.



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