March 2020

28th March – sketchy collages of Brum continue.

21st March – I’ll be working on the concertina sketchbook of Birmingham over the coming days. Yesterday’s effort was the Chinese Quarter.

20th March – A couple of pages added to the Karen Stamper-type sketchbook of Birmingham.  I think working in a more abstract way helps with these sketchbooks, because if your collage is too detailed it becomes a pointless exercise and you may as well go back to simple pen and ink drawings.  if you’re depicting a building for example, either the edges/floors/windows need some accuracy or a quick blur. Between the two isn’t working for me, but I’ll persevere for a bit – a positive side of social isolation.

18th March pm – Update: A3 sketchbook, gesso and acrylics on fabriano paper. I found the brushing of the surface with acrylic on a dry brush works much better than the oils. Colours used, hansa yellow, pthalo blue, prussian blue, sap green and alizarin crimson for the brown, and titanium white.


18th March – another one I don’t like much!! I was watching YouTube and found a painter who was doing a generic woodland scene, using gesso and oil paint washes. I thought I’d give it a go as it was an interesting technique and I liked his results. Mine weren’t so good, but it was worth a go – at least I know what I like about it and what I don’t. I’ll also use acrylics next time as the oils were messy and didn’t add to things. Gesso, oils and liquin on canvas.

15th March – Collage but too overworked – I was better off a few stages earlier. I could gesso over it all to knock it back, but I’d sooner move on.

10th March – printing deli papers with acrylic ink for future collage work.

9th March – I Am Libellule jacket in cashmere/wool fabric from the Rag Market in Birmingham. Makes a great jacket – more useful than the shirt made last month.


3rd March – hit finger with sledgehammer when gardening so production has slowed!

Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) was on 25th February and I bought some lemons to have with them. They were such a beautiful colour that I decided to do a quick painting in my A3 sketchbook. Acrylic paint on Fabriano paper (which I’ll remember to gesso next time). There’s still some fiddling to do but I’m leaving it for now.


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